I’m pleased to announce Strong Basketball partnership with

       The United Team Sports Center.  

Carlos Strong offers basketball training programs for youth. Helping young athletes from elementary to high school age.

Since all player goals are different, Carlos Strong training sessions are designed to give each player the individual attention needed to improve their basketball ability and take their game to the next skill level. Sessions focus on developing strategies and drills that build on existing abilities and strengthen areas of weakness.

Sessions are intense and players are pushed hard to accomplish goals and achieve new skills. However, it is Coach Strong’s approach that differentiates his coaching style.

With a calm and encouraging manner, Coach Strong carefully guides your player through short but direct drills. Each drill builds on the previous and has a purpose. Slowly and methodically, your beginner player will master each techinique with confidence. The practices are fast paced to keep the action going, but not so fast that your child gets lost.

For intermediate and advanced players, Coach Strong garners the same admiration and respect from his students, but of course the expectations are higher, the challenges harder, to match the players ability and learning style.

From defense to offense, the player is evaluated and given instruction so they can progress and improve. All aspects of the game of basketball are evaluated and improved upon, including:

  • Catch and Pivot
  • Free Throw Shooting
  • Defense
  • Ball-handling
  • Quickness & Stamina
  • Low Post Moves
  • Movement without ball
  • Shooting with and Without Dribble

1 on 1 Training 

4 sessions package,  1 hr sessions, 1 session per week

Group Training (10 Player Max)

Group training is a 4 session, 1 per week Training program for the advanced and beginner player. These sessions will develop the skills and give confidence to the beginner player and take the advanced player you out of their comfort zone and push each player to strengthen all weaknesses.These sessions will cover both perimeter and post play that will make you a well rounded player.

Training Groups (3rd – 5th), (6th – 8th) and (9th-12th) grades boys & girl’s groups will be separate

 Package #1     Sessions 1 x per week total of 4 weeks

1 ½ hrs.’ per session  6hrs Total


 1st Session Package

June 11th 18th 25th  and  July 2nd    (3pm-4:30pm)


Team Training

Our experienced staff will provide your team with a truly unique basketball experience through training and competition.  Designated team practice times and live games against high-level players, including College players (when available), provide teams with an opportunity to prepare for their upcoming competition while also developing individually.  Your team’s program will be completely customized to fit your player’s weaknesses, with direct consultation from the team’s coaching staff and management. We will integrate any and all concepts that the coaching staff would like to implement and focus the training on areas that the team’s coaches have deemed deficient.  Our training and team-building drills make this a one-of-a-kind opportunity for team and individual development.  Together, we’ll create your customized plan for the team making sure that the end result is players that are vastly improved in all areas, more confident and mentally stronger, and ready to compete. While the training will focus on individual improvement for each player, it will be built in the context of what the team needs that player to do to become a better team. 





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